Be a Burlesque Star! – 6 Week Burlesque Workshop & Recital

Be a burlesque star! Design and perform your very own burlesque routine.


Each 6 week series begins the first Sunday of every odd month at noon.

Click HERE to sign up for the September 2018 workshop (Sept 2nd is Labor Day Weekend, so this series will start Sun, Sept 9th)

Click HERE to sign up for the November 2018 workshop (Begins Sun, Nov 4th)

Click HERE to sign up for the January 2019 workshop (Begins Sun, Jan 6th)

Click HERE to sign up for the March 2019 workshop (Begins Sun, March 3rd)

Click HERE to sign up for the May 2019 workshop (Begins Sun, May 5th)

Click HERE to sign up for the July 2019 workshop (Begins Sun, July 7th)


Create your very own burlesque routine in this amazing 6 week workshop.

Learn costuming, choreography, and confidence! Create your own burlesque routine and perform at our recital!

Perfect for brand new performers, or for experienced performers who want to breathe new life into their art.

Put together a brand new burlesque routine from start to finish, or take an existing routine and polish it up to a shine.

Make new friends and learn the art of the tease. Have a blast creating and performing a real burlesque routine!

Open to all genders and orientations. Learn the art of burlesque or “boylesque” or even “draglesque”. This is a place where everyone is accepted and absolutely everyone fits in.

Taught by award-winning burlesque star The Dirty Blonde.

Limited space available! Sign up today.

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