Class Descriptions


CARDIO BOOTY SCULPT – Come on down and celebrate those curves in this naughty class designed for gals of any size who want to shape that behind and dance!

BEGINNER BURLESQUE DANCE – Learn all the fun, raunchy movements that make up the building blocks of burlesque. Learn to strut your stuff, bump and grind those hips, peel off gloves and stockings like a pro, use feather boas, and pose with feather fans.

CHAIR DANCE – This class is red hot! Get ready to put a sexy smirk on your face and straddle a chair as you learn sizzling group choreography using a chair as a prop.

LAP DANCE – Learn the art of sensual dance, and practice the art of the tease in this fun class. Dance in bare feet or bring your favorite heels.

NAUGHTY PILATES – Tone up from head to toes in this amazing class focused on core strength for dancers! Have some fun as we play naughty burlesque-themed tunes, work out, and enjoy girl time.  Get long lean limbs and feel limber and brimming with energy after this class! Mats provided, or bring your own.

STRIPTEASE – Learn choreographed striptease dances and get a great cardio workout in this fun flirty class! Each class, we will learn a new routine and use a prop to “strip” out of. Opera gloves, silk sashes, button-down shirts, or men’s ties are just some examples of the items we will incorporate into our choreography. All props are provided. No dance experience required. Perfect for beginners. Wear whatever clothes and shoes you feel comfortable dancing in. (Tank tops and leggings work well. Dance barefoot or wear dance shoes such as ballet slippers, ballroom shoes, or heels.)


  1. Wow! I’m really excited about the Big Bottomed Girls class! Finally, I can take lessons without worrying if I can keep up!!!

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