Class Descriptions

BALLET BARRE -Get a long lean dancer’s physique in this workout that will leave you toned and full of energy! Use your body weight for resistance, as you explore a series of ballet strengthening and stretching exercises for dancers.

BELLY DANCE – Tap into your most exotic and tantalizing side! Learn to isolate your movements, feel your sensuality, and let your hips do the talking.

BIG BOTTOM GIRLS – Got a badonkadonk? Wanna shake it? Come on down and celebrate those curves in this naughty class designed for gals of any size who want to shape that behind and dance!

BURLESQUE DANCE – Learn to strut your stuff, bump and grind those hips, and peel off gloves and stockings like a pro. Get down and dirty and learn all the fun, raunchy movements that make up the building blocks of burlesque. Have a blast and work your entire body from tassels to toes in this exciting class!

CHAIR DANCE – This class is red hot! Get ready to put a sexy smirk on your face and straddle a chair as this class takes you on a sensual ride that will tone those legs, butt, thighs, and abs to beautiful perfection.

FAN DANCE – Fan dances are an over-the top, eye-catching staple of burlesque. Popularized by burlesque legend Sally Rand during the 30s, this style of dance is graceful, beautiful…and an incredible arm-toning workout! Work with feather fans, veil fans, Asian folded fans, and more in this class.

HULA HOOPING – Give your abs an incredible workout! Whether you’re a hooping pro, or you haven’t touched a hoop since the age of 8, you’re going to love this class. Hooping is way more fun than sit-ups or crunches, and gives you amazing results!

LAP DANCE – Learn the art of sensual dance, and practice the art of the tease in this fun class. Dance in bare feet or bring your favorite heels.

NAUGHTY PILATES – Tone up from head to toes in this amazing class focused on core strength for dancers! Have some fun as we play naughty burlesque-themed tunes, work out, and enjoy girl time.  Get long lean limbs and feel limber and brimming with energy after this class! Mats provided, or bring your own.

SWING DANCE – Break out those pinup dresses and suits (or workout clothes, if you prefer) and learn the secrets of swing in a class that’ll knock your bobby socks off! No partner needed.

  1. Wow! I’m really excited about the Big Bottomed Girls class! Finally, I can take lessons without worrying if I can keep up!!!

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