Dance Classes



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DANCE Membership special!

Take everything on the Dance Class Schedule unlimited including Burlesque, Chair Dance, Lap Dance, Flexibility, Zumba, Booty Sculpt, Hip Hop, and more.
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Want to get fit, feel great, learn to dance, and make fun new friends? Then you’ve come to the right place! 
Never tried dance before? No problem. All dance classes are great for beginners and we welcome all shapes and sizes.


CLICK HERE for the complete dance class schedule.  

Questions? Email us at 
Where is the studio located?: 2924 Main St, Dallas

What clothes should I wear?: Please wear workout clothes to dance classes (tank tops, leggings, leotards, yoga pants, or whatever you are comfortable moving in) . 

What shoes should I wear?: Sneakers are recommended for Hip Hop Dance, Zumba, and Cardio Booty Sculpt. All other classes can be done in dance shoes or bare feet. Some choose to wear heels to lap dance, chair dance, and floor work (not required).